The Right Livelihood Award

The Right Livelihood Award was first presented in 1980 to honour and support those “offering practical and exemplary answers to the most urgent challenges facing us today”.  Founder Jakob von Uexkull felt that the Nobel Prize categories were too narrow in scope and too concentrated on the interests of the industrialised countries to be an adequate answer to the challenges now facing humanity. The award has since developed into a decoration for  people from all walks of life and their work and struggles for a better future. Today, there are more than 170 Laureates from 70 countries.

What is Right Livelihood?

“The idea of ‘right livelihood’ is an ancient one. It embodies the principle that each person should follow an honest occupation, which fully respects other people and the natural world. It means being responsible for the consequences of our actions and taking only a fair share of the earth’s resources. In every generation, there are groups of people and individuals around the globe who valiantly uphold these principles of right livelihood, often working in the face of adversity. The Right Livelihood Award exists to honour and support such people.”