Founded in 2009, the Right Livelihood College (RLC) is a global capacity-building initiative between the Right Livelihood Foundation, based in Stockholm, Sweden, and universities worldwide. By linking academics and civil society organisations with Right Livelihood Laureates, the College spreads awareness about and further expands the pioneering work of change-makers. The College operates as a global network of campuses and centers hosted by universities.

By receiving the Right Livelihood Award, every Right Livelihood Laureate becomes a Fellow of the Right Livelihood College. The Fellows are invited to engage in education, scientific research and practical activities that spread and upscale their work.

The RLC has gained affiliate membership status with the UNESCO-based International Association of Universities (IAU). The IAU recognizes the key role higher education plays in the overall process of achieving sustainable development by pursuing the creation, dissemination and application of knowledge.

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