Valdivia starts blogging

Hello everybody,

with a warm greeting to everybody, now, the Right Livelihood-Campus in Valdivia, Chile, will start to blog for the first time!

Here, on the other end of the world, very down south, we work closely together with Manfred Max-Neef. We now are the third generation of the MastersĀ“s Program “Development on a human scale and environmental economics”, and the first generation of RLC-scolar students. Me, Victor and Viola, are very happy about the opportunity!
Our first semester was a wild rolercoaster ride, and now our second semester has started. So far itĀ“s great.
Next to our clases in “Development on a human scale” and “environmental economics” we chose different clases like “the economical valoration of ecosystems”, “public policies for a sustainable development” or “the sociology of climate change”.
We are looking forward to keep the rest of the RLC comunity updated about our workshops and activities, hoping to build a strong RLC-comunity.

Lots of Regards, Viola and Victor, from Valdivia!

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