Meet new Penang office intern Erick Okomo

On June 1, Director of the Right Livelihood College and Right Livelihood Award Laureate Anwar Fazal welcomed his new intern Erick Omondi Okomo at the Penang office, Malaysia.

Learn more about Erick in his introductory note below.

Hi to everyone in the RLC network. My name is Erick Omondi Okomo, popularly known as “Smal” back in my Village. (For the curious minds, there maybe a book about the story of the name in the near future). I am 29 years old and I was born and bred in Rusinga Island, Nyanza Province, Kenya. In my early child hood I always had a dream of going beyond the borders, in terms of relationship and fortunate enough that dream was realised in when I meet this beautiful lady from Malaysia through my journey of hustles. I was working as computer tutor at Rusinga Island Trust Kenya one of the Non-governmental Organisation, when I meet with Karena my now wife, after she and some of her work colleagues were sent by Intel company (Intel Employees in the IESC program, Intel Education Service Corps) to provide computer service Training in our Village. And we had a long distance relationship of a period of 2 years, before we get married and decide to settle here in Malaysia.

I am a trained Information Communication Technology (ICT), with my certified skills and self-learned skills I have managed to work and applied my skills in different field of computing skills for more than 3 years e.g. providing Trainings for both primary and secondary school children in my village who could not use or doesn’t know how to use computer and some of the volunteer works in Malaysia. I also find passion in cooking, passions and interest developed from helping my mother Philister at her Chapatti small Kiosk when I was growing up. Through this cooking passion I managed to find a job in Restaurant here in Malaysia where I worked for one year before I joined Right Livelihood Collage as an Intern under the lead of Dato (DR.) Anwar Fazal.

I have known Dato. Anwar Fazal for more than 5 years now, since then he has been very impactful to my life through mentoring me and sharing with me his wise skills on managements, de-cluttering and his brilliant methods of learning from what may be considered as negative to see it some positivity on it. He has also advised and encouraged me to continue with my education, and now am a student at one of the outstanding E-learning universities in Malaysia, Wawasan Open University (WOU), specialising in Business Management while doing my Internship as an administration, publications and library management. I am really grateful to be part of Right Livelihood College as an Intern and am looking forward to working with you and inspired by the wonderful of the RLC.

(Erick Omondi Okomo, June 2020)