5th RLF/RLC webinar addressed inequality and vulnerability

The fifth edition of the “Conversations that Matter” series organised by the RLC Santa Cruz and the Right Livelihood Foundation is going to take place on May 27, 5 PM CEST (8 AM Pacific time). Right Livelihood Award Laureates Colin Gonsalves, Glorene Das/Tenaganita & Manfred Nowak from the Global Campus of Human Rights will discuss inequality and vulnerability in times of crisis.

Around the world, states and organizations are struggling to control the outbreak of COVID-19. The directives from WHO declares that we should constantly wash our hands, keep good hygiene, and stay inside to protect others. But how does this affect the part of the population without access to basic hygiene articles, running water or a home to take refuge in when quarantine rules are applied. Like most crises, COVID-19 takes extraordinarily high demands on those already exposed in society. How can we turn this crisis into an opportunity to strengthen human rights and more just societies?

A livestream will be available here.