4th RLF/RLC webinar addresses democracy in corona times

The forth edition of the “Conversations that Matter” series organised by the RLC Santa Cruz and the Right Livelihood Foundation is going to take place on May 13, 5 PM CEST (8 AM Pacific time). Right Livelihood Award Laureates Frances Moore-Lappé , Jamila Raqib  and Vesna Teršelič will discuss threats and opportunities for democracy in times of the corona pandemic.

As the Coronavirus spreads around the world, it is having far-reaching effects not only on public health, but also on our capacities for democratic politics. States have responded to the pandemic in various ways as they try to quickly implement new rules and restrictions for their populations to fight COVID-19. Many of these measures have not followed regular democratic protocols for decision-making, and some raise serious concerns about threats to democracy posed by increasing authoritarianism, lack of transparency, repression of media and opposition groups and parties, and other concerns. At the same time, crises can also be moments of political opportunity. As countries grapple with the Coronavirus, there is a spotlight on issues of unemployment, labor conditions, access to health care, and social interdependence, and this may provide openings and momentum for new democratic movements and agendas. What are the threats to democracy we should be grappling with and trying to prevent? What opportunities and potentials do we see for future democratic societies that we could be building now?
A livestream will be available here.