RLC Santa Cruz: 2nd Webinar will focus on women in global health

The RLC Campus Santa Cruz and the Right Livelihood Foundation co-host a series of online conversations in spring 2020. The second webinar on “Women in Global Health – COVID spotlight on major challenges” is going to take place on April 29, 5 PM CEST (8 AM Pacific time). Right Livelihood Award Laureates Monika Hauser, Sima Samar and Kvinna till Kvinna represented by Eva Zillén will join the conversation.

Healthcare structures around the world are now being tested, and differences in approaches are becoming increasingly visible. As in the majority of crises, women are disproportionately affected. Reports of domestic violence towards women have increased, while women are also over-represented in care work and family-related care, making it harder to maintain social distancing. How can we take advantage of and learn from this pandemic to change the global health system, so that it becomes more inclusive, accessible, and just for all?


A livestream will be available here.


About the Laureates:

Monika Hauser (Germany) was given the award in 2008 “…for her tireless commitment to working with women who have experienced the most horrific sexual violence in some of the most dangerous countries in the world, and campaigning for them to receive social recognition and compensation.”

Kvinna till Kvinna (Sweden) represented at the event by Eva Zillén, was given the award in 2002 “…for its successes in addressing ethnic hatred by helping war-torn women to be the major agents of peace-building and reconciliation.

Sima Samar (Afghanistan) was given the award in 2012 “…for her longstanding and courageous dedication to human rights, especially the rights of women, in one of the most complex and dangerous regions in the world.”



Nancy Chen (USA) is Professor and Department Chair of Anthropology, and former director of the Blum Center at UC Santa Cruz. Her research and teaching focus on medicine, food, public health, bioinsecurity, and vulnerability. She examines rice as a key food source in much of the world and genetically engineered foods.