A note from RLC Director and RLA Laureate Anwar Fazal


Dear Citizens of the Universe
Dear Children of Mother Earth
Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Sadly, I could not physically join you all in Bangkok for family and health reasons but I followed the event from time to time.

# Each time I felt the vibrations of vitality, the energy of enterprise and the conviviality of a great community working for a better world.
# Each time I felt the positive passions that grew out of our struggles for triple peace – peace with ourselves, peace with others and peace with Mother Earth.
# Each time I saw you never forgot the core challenges of what I call the triple  “Axis of Evil ” – fighting violence, manipulation and waste.
# Each time I felt  you seeking solutions, what I call the triple “Destiny of Hope ” – balance and harmony, of stewardship and trusteeship, and of accountability to now and to the future.
#Each time I felt better informed, more inspired and encouraged by the sprouting of initiatives that will take us forward in our journey.
# Each time I was reminded of the what I call the Panchasila (five principles) of Right Livelihood – CONSCIENCE, COURAGE, COMPETENCE,  CREATIVITY & CONVIVIALITY.
# Each time I was reminded of the need to counter the many emergency crises – ECOCIDE, INEQUITIES, BIGOTRY, RACISM & now even “DATA COLONIALISM” .

Every best in our many journeys and remember that famous saying that the future is not a place out there. It is a journey you take and what your make of it.Yes, the future is in our hands.

Every best too in the next celebration of our journey in Addis Ababa and Medellin, and continuously all over the world every time we can, with everyone we can and every place we can.

Yes,we can and we must. Never forget what our founder Jakob von Uexell one said: “be beyond pessimism and optimism. Be a “POSSIBLIST”..do something!”

I look forward always to working, and walking, with you …

Anwar Fazal, Director, Right Livelihood College
(Laureate 1982)