RLC Campus Córdoba supports Antinuclear Movement

From April 27–30, 2019, the RLC Campus Córdoba organized an RLC programme around the “2nd Meeting of the Antinuclear Movement of the Argentine Republic” (MARA), together with Right Livelihood Award Laureates Francisco “Chico” Whitaker (Brazil) and Prof. Raúl Montenegro (Argentina). On April 27, the meeting of MARA was organized by Prof. Montenegro’s Fundacion para la defensa del ambiente (FUNAM) with the support of the RLC Campus Córdoba. Students, representatives of civil society organisations from all over the country and Right Livelihood Award Laureates investigated the complexity if dismantling atomic waste of high radioactivity produced in Latin American reactors.

Please read the outcomes in Spanish here: http://www.redeco.com.ar/nacional/gobierno/26463-plan-nuclear-argentino-%E2%80%9Cfuera-de-control%E2%80%9D

In addition to the meeting, Chico Whitaker held an RLC lecture and participated in two field trips to uranium production plants in the densely populated area of Alta Córdoba.


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