Meet new RLC Bonn PhD candidate Ahmed Abdalla


How did you become aware of the RLC programme at ZEF and what was your motivation to apply for it?

One of my colleagues suggested to me the RLC and after browsing the website, I found that it fits extremely well with my research needs and interests, in addition to the reputation of ZEF and the professionality of the staff members.


The RLC scholarship aims at connecting young researchers with winners of the “Alternative Nobel Prize”. Which are the partners you will be working with?

My main partner will be the organization SEKEM in Egypt that received the “Alternative Nobel Prize” in 2003. I will also work together with Alexandria University and the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation.


You arrived at ZEF in Bonn only a couple of weeks ago. So how have you experienced your time here so far and what are you looking forward to experiencing?

My experience so far is that ZEF is such a professional institution supported by professional staff members, high quality research and education services. There is great collaboration and an open doors policy among the staff. I am looking forward to gaining more experiences and skills such as research methods, critical thinking, project planning and proposal writing.