RLC Valdivia/RLC Santa Cruz “Dialogues on Human Scale”

On August 22, the RLC Campus Valdivia at the Universidad Austral de Chile organised the 4th “Dialogues on Human Scale” on the subject of “Extractivism and Solidarity Economy: Challenges of the 21st Century”.
This time, Right Livelihood Award Laureate and Associate Professor Juan Pablo Orrego as well as renowned scientists Chris Benner and Fernando Leiva from the RLC Campus at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) attended the popular lecture series.
Benner and Leiva raised attention to the main problems of the extraction and exploitation of natural resources and their disposition for the world market, bringing in perspectives from the fields of geography, ecology, urban planning as well as inclusive economies.
Having participated in previous editions of the event, Juan Pablo Orrego took over the role of the moderator on this occasion, giving way to the attendees to articulate their views on the issue, and guiding the conversation to local experiences on a grass-root level.


You can watch the full event here: