RLC Port Harcourt hosts RLA Laureates for 5th Public Lecture


From May 28-29, 2019, the RLC Campus Port Harcourt organises its Annual Public Lecture at the Centre for Conflict and Gender Studies at Port Harcourt University for the fifth time already.
Drawing participants from the academic community, civil society, students, policymakers, and local communities, the RLC and Health of Mother Earth Foundation will host the event with Right Livelihood Award Laureates Ruth Manorama from India, who received the Award in 2006, Raúl Montenegro from Argentina, who was awarded in 2004, and 2010 Laureate Nnimmo Bassey.

This year’s lecture is set around the topic “Gobal Environmental Politics, Human Rights and Conflict”, intending to provide a platform for interaction and learning between activists on the one hand, and scholars, students and communities on the other hand.

As it has become tradition over the past five years, the second day of the event will be dedicated to Sustainability Academy lectures with students and representatives of civil society organizations.


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