RLC Valdivia offering scholarships

RLA vice president Dr Monika Griefahn and UACh rector Dr. Victor Cubillos at the opening ceremony of RLC Campus Valdivia, Photo: RLC Valdivia
Opening ceremony of RLC Campus Valdivia, Photo: RLC Valdivia

2014 marked an important milestone in the history of the RLC, with Valdivia becoming the first campus in South America. The new campus in Valdivia is now offering two full college scholarships for an MA in Human Scale Development and Ecological Economics. Information on the fellowship is available in Spanish and application materials are ready for download.

In July 2014, RLA Laureate Juan Pablo Orrego visited RLC Valdivia and gave a presentation on his book “The entropy of capitalism”, with some reporting in local media outlets. This will hopefully mark the start of many more visits by Laureates to come.

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