RLC Lund Cooperating with Land Institute

LundUniThe RLC campus at the Lund Centre for Sustainability Studies is strengthening its research capacities. A long-term cooperation with RLA Laureate Wes Jackson’s Land Institute will start in 2015. After having secured funding for a 15-year period, a fully-fledged trans-Atlantic research consortium between the two institutions is foreseen. This effort is based on a research project promoting the transition towards agricultural systems based on perennial polycultures. This effort is a great example for the linkages that the RLC attempts to build between Laureates and researchers. RLC Lund is also supporting two graduate students carrying out their fieldwork with RLA-Laureates in the Congo and Argentina.

Last December, RLC Lund was visited by Laureate Bill McKibben, who spoke to a full capacity crowd on ‘The Climate Fight: Notes from the Front Line’. This emphasizes RLC’s commitment to the fight against climate change.