RLC Bonn Looking Back on an Exciting Year

DSC07460 (2)The RLC Campus in Bonn is looking back on an exciting year of 2014. Our team managed to organize three workshops, of which one was a collaborative effort together with our partners from the Youth Future Project. This experience was as enriching for us as it was for our alumni. A number of RLA-Laureates also visited us here in Bonn, among them Green Cross founder Paul Walker, RLC director Anwar Fazal, Raul Montenegro and Amy Goodman, who recorded an episode of her show of “Democracy Now!” live from Bonn.

Our research activities expanded as well, with a new researcher now pursuing her PhD with us in the field of organic agriculture and our current students leaving for their fieldwork abroad. A first RLC Bonn publication is also underway, in collaboration with workshop alumni. We will keep you posted here.

We are looking forward to 2015 and we are sure that this year will be no less exciting.

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