RLC Director Prof. Anwar Fazal publishes new book

Prof. Anwar Fazal, 1982 Right Livelihood Award Laureate and Director of the RLC, has published a new book: “Our Cities, Our Homes: People, Places and Passions” (Think City). The book carries some of Anwar’s most important thoughts and ideas, with a focus on urbanisation and sustainability, and captures some of his most important interventions in the unending quest to find local and global solutions to pressing problems. At heart, there is a deeply felt commitment to people-centred development, incorporating the values of justice, sustainability and inclusiveness. And these values are applied, above all, in reimagining the fate of the city in our time. The Penang-launch of the book will take place on World Mother Earth Day, on Sunday 22 April, at Gerakbudaya Bookshop in Penang. More information available on the shop’s FaceBook page.