RLC Valdivia

At the first regional conference of Latin American Laureates, held in Colombia in July 2013, Manfred Max-Neef († August 8, 2019) proposed that the Universidad Austral de Chile become the first Right Livelihood College Campus in Latin America. Manfred Max-Neef has had a long association with the university having served as the Rector and as the Director of its Economics Institute. In November 2013, the Universidad Austral became the sixth RLC campus and the first in Latin America.

Dr. Monika Griefahn, Co-Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation and Member of the Right Livelihood College Steering Committee said: “We are delighted that Universidad Austral De Chile is partnering with us to host the sixth campus of the Right Livelihood College and the very first campus in Latin America. The College will build links between the twenty Latin American Right Livelihood Laureates, and students, academics and wider civil society in Valdivia and Chile. We congratulate the University administration and our Laureate Manfred Max-Neef for engaging in this partnership, and wish Universidad Austral every success as the latest RLC campus.”


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Based at the Universidad Austral de Chile  / Facultad de Ciencas Económicas y Administrativas

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