RLC Córdoba

The Campus at the University of Córdoba (UCO) is hosted by the Faculty of Psychology, which has more than 10,000 students enrolled. It was founded and inaugurated by Right Livelihood Award Laureate Raúl Montenegro in April 2016.

The National University of Cordoba has a long history of promoting democracy and human rights. In June 1918, thousands of students at the University launched a movement to fight for the democratization of the nation’s academic faculties, which were largely tied to political and religious institutions at this time.

In this spirit, RLC Córdoba engages with movements, activities and communities, indigenous as well as non-indigenous, in a wide range of topics such as sustainability, biodiversity protection and the antinuclear movement, but also fights against corruption, human rights violations or electromagnetic pollution.

For more information and an overview of recent activities, please visit the RLC website.


RLC Coordinator Professor Dr. Raúl Montenegro: biologomontenegro@gmail.com

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