Open workshops on “Gender and Psychology” at RLC Córdoba

Argentina and other Latin American countries face family violence, particularly against women (e.g. “femicidio”: killing of women) and against those whose gender differs from their sex. At the same time patriarch y continues to be an accepted behaviour (“machismo”) that marginalizes girls and women. The Chair of Schools and Systems and the Campus Córdoba of the Right Livelihood College organized series of simultaneous open workshops on “Gender and Psychology”, in Spanish “Jornada sobre Género y Psicología”, to  raise awareness of gender related violence. About 3,000 students participated in 89 workshops on October 3, 2017 at the National University of Córdoba. The topics of the workshops range from “family rights and gender perspective” over “roles of gender and identity in struggles for environmental justice” and “women in the public agenda: gender perspective in parliamentary proposals” to “violence and gender through cinema”. Please find a video of the workshops here.

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