RLC Campus Cordoba launches open courses through radio and other media

As a reaction to the horrendous effects of the 7.1 earthquake in Mexico, fearsome hurricane Maria in the Caribbean and the political developments between the United States of America and North Korea, Prof. Raúl Montenegro started broadcasting a radio program to inform and train people on issues such as “how to be prepared for facing nuclear accidents” and “how to be sustainable and environmentally safer at home”.

This wonderful experiment of change provides “self contained issues” through short interviews and spots where Raúl and his team mention –according to the discussed topic- names, contributions and exemplary lives of RLA recipients. On Sep 20, 2017,  the first inaugural participation program was broadcasted on Radio Inchin of Saldan, the first of a long list of open media, like radio Sur. Raúl  thanks journalist Georgina Donalisio for having created a special space for the RLC. The inaugural broadcast issued earthquakes, technological disasters and how to be prepared for facing them. From the university, from the academia, from the Campus, the RLC team moves into the ground, seeding planters, seeds of knowledge, participation and rebellion.

“At their turn listeners, readers and viewers of the programs and spots –the people- will teach to universities, to the Campus and to so-called “experts” their own knowledge. Universities are not the unique site of knowledge: humanity is knowledge. Multilateral democratic education is the way.  In a day with so much human suffering we are trying to have and to transmit a little bit of hope. Thanks to all for being part of this wonderful educative experiment”, Raúl says.

Please find the first podcast here (Spanish).

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