Public Panel Discussion with RLA Laureate Prof Dr. Anwar Fazal and Glorene Das

On September 5th, Right Livelihood Award Laureate Prof Dr. Anwar Fazal (RLA Laureate 1982) and Glorene Das, representative of Tenaganita (Irene Fernandez, RLA Laureate 2005),  were invited to a public panel discussion at the historic Old City Hall in Bonn to talk about their work as activists. The topic of the panel discussion revolved around Human Rights and the Empowerment of the Marginalized and was organized by a cooperation of the Centre for Development Research, Working group for Development Services and the City of Bonn. The discussion was facilitated by Dr. Merjam Wakili from the Deutsche Welle. The two panelists talked about the challenges and success of their organizations fighting against Human Rights abuses.

Glorene A. Das and Anwar Fazal talking in the Old City Hall, Bonn

Glorene Das shared some of the stories working for women migrants and trafficked people in Malaysia, stressing the importance of involving companies in their work to ensure the implementation of gender policies. Prof Dr. Anwar Fazal shared experiences of his long work history for the protection of consumer rights in Asia. You can watch the full discussion here:

RLC Workshop on Human Rights

From 3th to 8th of September, more than 20 PhD students from various countries participated in the RLC workshop on Human Rights and the Empowerment of the Marginalized in Bonn. The workshop was a co-operation between the RLC and the Association for the Development Services (AGdD) of which also 10 returnees joined the workshop. Furthermore, two scholarship students of the Institute for International Cultural Relations (ifa) also attended. The workshop was accompanied by RLA Laureate Prof Dr. Anwar Fazal and Glorene A. Das (Tenaganita Malaysia) sharing their expertise and experiences with the PhD students.

September 2016 Workshop

In the course of the program, the participants presented, discussed and analyzed case studies of participatory empirical research in a cohesive transdisciplinary way, benefitting from each other’s expertise. The workshop’s program also included a public panel discussion with both Glorene A. Das and Prof Dr. Anwar Fazal at the historic Old City Hall in Bonn, sharing insights into their work as activists, discussing challenges and achievements.

Due to dangerous circumstances, the human rights lawyer Raji Sourani is working under in Gaza Strip, he was not able to attend the Workshop, unfortunately.

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