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Right Livelihood Alumni Dr. Abdallah Possi appointed as first deputy minister with albinism in Tanzania

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Abdallah Possi participated in the RLC Bonn workshop “Mobilization for Change: Participatory research and the empowerment of the marginalized” in May 2014, when he was pursuing a doctoral programme at University of Erlangen in Germany, focusing on “Persons with Disabilities rights to work in Africa: A comparative study of Tanzania and selected African States”. Download his complete thesis here. Dr. Possi is a qualified lawyer actively involved in the attempt to achieve equality for persons with physical disabilities in East-Africa.

According to the first articles of the human rights convention, all persons should be treated equally, regardless their native origin or their appearance. Still in many African countries, people with albinism are persecuted and experience discrimination in many aspects of their life.

With Abdallah Possi’s assignment as the new deputy minister of Tanzania an important step was made to improve the juridical and practical implementation of the basic human rights of persons with albinism in the country. He is the first person with albinism to hold a powerful ministerial position in Tanzania.

“Most people do not understand that albinism is part of human diversity. We need to change our attitudes and create a friendly environment so that people of all races can enjoy their freedom,” Abdallah Possi says in this DW article.