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This blog invites all Alumni and friends of the RLC to
benefit from a global community of researchers by sharing publications, experience, and expertise
stay up-to-date on the activities of the RLC network and its eight campuses in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Bonn (Germany), Cordoba, (Argentina), Lund (Sweden), Mumbai (India),  Port Harcourt (Nigeria), Santa Cruz (USA) and Valdivia (Chile)
connect and research with RLC-student, alumni, and future leaders around the globe

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The RLC has five main goals:

1. Making the knowledge of Laureates accessible to all, the general public as well as individuals and selected groups with the potential to make the “winning ideas” of Laureates succeed and multiply.

2. Fostering the injection of external know-how into Award Laureates’ projects that need it most to develop and flourish effectively and sustainably for experiential learning.

3. Connecting the global community of Award Laureates to help release synergies, multiply tested know-how and create a critical mass to help bring their common goals forward

4. Providing a ‘hub’ and an incubator for promoting and multiplying the most successful solutions to urgent global problems through the development of information, communications and education activities, including web based learning materials, meetings, networking and an internship and research scholarship programme.

5. Actively linking with the most excellent like-minded institutions that foster programmes that resonate with the goals of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation, as well as with other top educational institutions.

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