RLC Alumni

Little people doing little things in little places everywhere can change the world.

To date, more than 500 students and young researchers participated in Right Livelihood College activities around the world. They all form a critical mass of future agents of change. We believe that an active RLC alumni community can sustain lifelong relationships and unlock the potential of each individual.

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You can use our blog to upload field reports, proposals or announcements through us. We also invite you to become bloggers yourselves! Because we meet so many people with fascinating research topics in our workshops we thought it would be a shame to not catch up on this. So we’d like to give you the opportunity to blog your own fieldwork on our page and connect to other researchers, alumni, students and laureates in your field. If you are interested, just write an e-mail to pokraka@rlc-bonn.de.

Listen to what our RLC Alumnae say: