RLC Bonn: In Conversation with Tony Rinaudo

The RLC Campus Bonn hosts the opening session of the @Bonnglobal series at Daring Cities 2020:

Re-Greening the Future: In Conversation with
‘Forest Maker’ Tony Rinaudo

on October 8, 8:00-8:45 AM CEST

“If you give nature a chance, it will heal itself. Re-greening mindscapes is 95% of the work”

Tony Rinaudo in Bonn, 2019

Australian agronomist Tony Rinaudo, who received the Right Livelihood Award in 2018, is known as the ‘forest maker’. He developed the farmer-managed natural regeneration (FMNR) method which has helped to re-green large parts of the Sahel region, 50,000 km2 of land with over 200 million trees in Niger alone. But FMNR is far more than an agricultural technique: it has also inspired farmer-led movements to re-green land throughout Africa.

This event invites audiences to not only learn more about Tony’s work, but also to actively engage in the conversation with him and other experts.

  • Moderator: Arthur Guischet / Senior researcher at the Center for Development Research (ZEF)
  • Chat moderator: Dr. Till Stellmacher / Senior researcher at ZEF and Coordinator of the RLC Campus Bonn
  • Introduction of @Bonnglobal series: Susanne Nolden, Department of International Affairs and Global Sustainability, City of Bonn

To participate, please register here.

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The event celebrates the annual partnership between the City of Bonn and the RLC Bonn.

About Daring Cities 2020:

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the climate crisis continues to impact our cities, towns and regions around the world. Daring Cities is the global, action-oriented virtual forum, designed by ICLEI and the city of Bonn, to empower urban leaders – such as mayors, city councilors, administrators, and urban thought leaders, as well as national government representatives, researchers, technical staff, business leaders, civil society decision-makers and community organizers – to tackle the climate crisis, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Running from 7 to 28 October 2020, Daring Cities features ambitious global action in a variety of time zones, languages, and formats.

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