“Greening the future” – Workshop with Tony Rinaudo & The Green Belt Movement

From September 15-19, 2019, the RLC Campus Bonn will organise an international workshop on “Greening the future: Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry in African and Asian Drylands”, with Australian agronomist Tony Rinaudo (Right Livelihood Award 2018) and Kenyan conservation specialist Wycliffe Matika, representing The Green Belt Movement/Wangari Maathai (Right Livelihood Award 1984). 19 PhD students from Africa and Asia will present and discuss their agricultural and environmental, social, and economic research concerning sustainable agriculture and forestry in drylands. Right Livelihood Award Laureates will support and interact with young scientists by sharing their best practice examples from civil society action and agency.

The workshop will be moderated by rural innovation specialist Laurens van Veldhuizen from the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Amsterdam.


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