RLC Mumbai: RLC Alumni und TISS students visit UDAAN

UDAAN is a field action initiative of TISS at the Centre for Livelihoods and Social Innovation (CLSI), which engages with women at Babanagar in Rafiqnagar, a community which was primarily engaged in waste picking at the vicinity of the Deonar Dumping Ground in Mumbai. The Deonar dumping ground is the largest and oldest dumping ground in India since 1927. The infamous incident of 2017 when dumping ground had caught fire subsequently led to the banning of waste picking. Women and men who were formerly engaged in this activity were therefore left with no proper options to sustain themselves and their families. UDAAN team is closely working with few of such women and continued efforts are being made to establish a successful venture with the newly formed women’s collective/SHG registered as Kamal Mahila Bachat Gat in Baba Nagar area of Rafiqnagar. This project envisages to design and build a list of attractive products by upcycling and recycling waste material. Besides working with women, UDAAN Team also engages with children and adolescents with efforts being directed towards building a functional book bank in the community as well as to create peer support groups.



The RLC Alumni Programme is supported by DAAD with funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

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