Right Livelihood Laureate Helena Norberg-Hodge speaks at the RLC Campus Santa Cruz

April 2015 Anja Light

Picture: Helena Norberg-Hodge Portraits 2016 by Anja Light

On November 6th 2017, Helena Norberg-Hodge gave a thought-provoking speech on (ecological) well-being and the limitations in the economic system at the RLC Campus Santa Cruz, University of California. Helena is a widely respected analyst of the impact of the global economy on communities, local economies, and personal identity, as well as a leading proponent of ‘localization’, or decentralization, as a means of countering negative impacts. During her lecture entitled “The Economics of Happiness”, Helena explained how the system pushes citizens to reach standards of societal success through economic values rather than their own standards of individualized success. Helena proposed that “going local” was the most effective way to increase efficiency, restore biodiversity and bring greater meaning and satisfaction to our lives. 65 students, faculty and members of the local community attended Helena’s speech, followed by a lively discussion.



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