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RLC Global Network: Kick-off meeting in Mumbai brought together all campus coordinators

On March 7th and 8th, the coordinators of all Right Livelihood Colleges worldwide met with the members of the Right Livelihood College Steering Council in Mumbai, India. At this meeting, the new project “Global RLC Network” was commenced. The seven RLC campuses will cooperate on a broad range of matters in the future. These will include education and capacity-building projects, as well as publications and other ways to share the work of the seven campuses. The “Global RLC Network” is funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Prior to this event, the coordinators met with Right Livelihood Laureates at the Regional Conference of the RLA to build up new relationships between Campuses and Laureates.


Annual Right Livelihood College Laureate Lecture with Bill McKibben

On February 26th 2015, UCSC Kresge College had the great honor of hosting Laureate Bill McKibben through a Skype conference call. The event brought together roughly 200 students, faculty and community members. Students involved in a University of California wide fossil fuel divestment campaign introduced Bill, and divestment was a major theme of Bill’s talk. After Bill’s keynote, we continued with interactive exercises using The Work that Reconnects, a World Cafe conversation, and dinner. Continue reading

Environmental Author and Activist Bill McKibben Speaks at UCSC Feb 26th

Common Ground Center at the University of California is honored to host Right Livelihood Award Laureate Bill McKibben on Thursday, February 26, 2015 in the Kresge Town Hall. Bill will present via Skype (in honor of greenhouse gas reduction) beginning at 2pm with Q&A to follow until 3pm. Following his talk will be a series of interactive exercises, inspired by Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects, World Café conversations and a free dinner prepared by India Joze, with an anticipated end time of 6:00pm. Continue reading

RLC Valdivia offering scholarships

RLA vice president Dr Monika  Griefahn and UACh rector Dr. Victor Cubillos at the opening ceremony of RLC Campus Valdivia, Photo: RLC Valdivia
Opening ceremony of RLC Campus Valdivia, Photo: RLC Valdivia

2014 marked an important milestone in the history of the RLC, with Valdivia becoming the first campus in South America. The new campus in Valdivia is now offering two full college scholarships for an MA in Human Scale Development and Ecological Economics. Information on the fellowship is available in Spanish and application materials are ready for download. Continue reading

Laureate Bill Mc Kibben at RLC Santa Cruz

Logo_UCSCBill McKibben, RLA Laureate 2014, will be giving seminars for students at RLC Santa Cruz via Skype on 12 February 2015. The California Campus is also currently building up an extensive online database on all RLA Laureates to date. Two students will be involved in this project, researching ways to better connect Laureates and UCSC’s faculties. Continue reading

RLC Port Harcourt Taking Part in National Policy Formulation

LogoPortHaRLC Campus Port Harcourt is the second RLC Campus on the African continent. It is affiliated with RLA Laureate and environmental activist Nnimmo Bassey. In 2015, the campus was involved in several policy-formulating efforts, with its representatives taking part in a national conference on the environment and producing reports for Nigerian policy makers. A capacity-building workshop for PhD students was also organized. Through these efforts, RLC Port Harcourt is making a direct contribution to combatting environmental pollution in Nigeria.

RLC Lund Cooperating with Land Institute

LundUniThe RLC campus at the Lund Centre for Sustainability Studies is strengthening its research capacities. A long-term cooperation with RLA Laureate Wes Jackson’s Land Institute will start in 2015. After having secured funding for a 15-year period, a fully-fledged trans-Atlantic research consortium between the two institutions is foreseen. Continue reading

RLC Bonn Looking Back on an Exciting Year

DSC07460 (2)The RLC Campus in Bonn is looking back on an exciting year of 2014. Our team managed to organize three workshops, of which one was a collaborative effort together with our partners from the Youth Future Project. This experience was as enriching for us as it was for our alumni. A number of RLA-Laureates also visited us here in Bonn, among them Green Cross founder Paul Walker, RLC director Anwar Fazal, Raul Montenegro and Amy Goodman, Continue reading

Ethiopia: Book on RLA Laureates

The first AfUniversityAddisAbaba_Logo_225x224_02rican RLC Campus, which is based at Addis Ababa University’s prestigious Institute for Development Studies, is currently working on a biographical book on all Ethiopian RLA-Laureates. Dr. Ahmed Hassan, Director of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies at AAU, is in the process of interviewing Laureates and researching wide ranging impacts of their work.

The book launch is envisaged to be embedded in a larger event linked to an RLC-workshop in mid-2015.

Conflict over Ltungai Conservancy: A Case of Fatal Competition over Grazing Land and Water among the Samburu and Pokot in north-western Kenya

Willis Okumu photo (2)by Willis Okumu

PhD student at the RLC Campus Bonn, published a working paper  on “Conflict over Ltungai Conservancy: A Case of Fatal Competition over Grazing Land and Water among the Samburu and Pokot in north-western Kenya”, in: Mulugeta Gebrehiwot Berhe (eds.) “A Delicate Balance Land Use, Minority Rights and Social Stability in the Horn of Africa”, Institute of Peace and Security Studies (IPSS), Addis Ababa University.

Mr. Okumu is pursuing his PhD research at Center for Development Research in Bonn under the title “Cattle Raids, Violence and Institutional Change in Northern Kenya: The Case of Samburu and Turkana Pastoralists”. He is currently doing field research in northern Kenya.

The paper can be read or downloaded here.