RLC PhD student Amit Kumar conducts fieldwork in Mumbai

Amit Kumar, PhD student at RLC Bonn, is currently conducting one year of fieldwork in the slums of Mumbai. In collaboration with Medha Patkar’s (Right Livelihood Award winner 1991) “Ghar Banao Ghar Bachao Aandolan” movement Amit is investigating the collective resistance against demolitions of slum dwellers in Mumbai. His research aims at the alternative imagination to the existing urban structures in relation to globalization.

RLC PhD student Alejandro Mora-Motta publishes article on the relationship between economic theory and climate change

RLC PhD student Alejandro Mora-Motta and co-author Norah León Rodríguez published an article on the different economic theories that have addressed the relationship between climate change (CC) and the economic system. They critically analyses the welfare economics viewpoint and propose a shift towards ecological economics, which is founded on strong sustainability, the irreducibility of uncertainty, and a different normative basis. The article that has been published in the journal “Cuadernos de Economia” can be found here.

RLC fieldwork grant awarded to Master student in Lund

Katharina Weise, Master student at Lund University, has received this year’s RLC fieldwork grant to carry out research on energy justice in relation to the Grand Renaissance Dam project in Ethiopia and its implications from a social and environmental perspective. The Ethiopian Right Livelihood Award Laurate Melaku Worede has endorsed the project and will support Katharina’s fieldwork.

RLC Lund organises series of mini-lectures

The Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS) is organising a series of RLC mini-lectures for students and teachers at one of the local high schools in Lund, Sweden. The lectures focus on climate strategies, energy justice, sustainable agriculture and carbon footprints, and are organised around the Right Livelihood Award exhibition “Who cares?” and the ongoing research at the RLC Campus Lund.