RLC director Prof. Anwar Fazal published Sourcebook for Changemakers

To celebrate his 75th birthday, Prof. Fazal has drafted another multiverse adventure, a selection of initiatives and projects of hope – the right livelihood way.

“We live in a world sadly dominated by the trinity of “badness” – the culture of violence, of manipulation and of waste. People everywhere are rising against this badness – a phenomenon that Paul Hawken calls “Blessed Unrest”. We see springs of action, candles of hope, sparks of courage that are making a difference. There is a trinity of “goodness” that gives a vision of (a) balance and harmony, (b) the culture of stewardship of Mother Earth and, (c) accountability for the future. The book hopes to share and spread these ideas and suggest actions to make them happen.”

Please download the e-book here. Prof. Fazal is happy to receive comments and feedback, which can be sent to the RLC Global Secretariat.

Current activities of RLC Córdoba

RLC Córdoba is currently working on the accomplishments of two agreements.

One with the Faculty of Medicine (Master on Children and Maternal Health), whose students (wave 2016) will produce reports/research in the context of the chair of “Ecology and Health”. Most of the issues to be developed are linked with current social needs of research and practice proposals for the ground. Most of the  postgraduate students are Physicians or work in the ground with vulnerable communities.

This research can be useful for health centres (e.g. public hospitals) and vulnerable communities.

The second agreement involve the German University of Kassel with the main issue of technical support of two small museums on ethnology and archaeology of the Comechingones (local) indigenous people managed by local people (Mina Clavero, West of the province of Córdoba). Such project includes descendants of the Comechingones people living in Córdoba. Through these museums we will enhance local knowledge on indigenous past (and present), and local tourism.

RLC Córdoba is also finishing a technical advice on the most polluted region of Mexico (and one of the most polluted in the World) in Apaxco Totonilco. Representatives of RLC Córdoba have been there in the ground with affected people and local organisations, in a joint work involving the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico. RLC Córdoba was asked to technically produce a report on the general situation, helping them in future steps.

RLC workshop on “Mobilization for Change: Human Rights and the Empowerment of the Marginalized” in Bonn

In cooperation with the Bonn based “Association of German Development Services” (AGdD), the RLC Campus Bonn organised an international workshop focusing on research and practice concerned with human rights and marginalized people in Asia and Africa. From September 3-8, 2016, concepts and approaches of human rights, empowerment and marginalization were discussed in applied development contexts. Three Laureates of the “Alternative Nobel Prize” have confirmed their participation, namely:

Glorene A. Das, rep. TENAGANITA Women’s Force, Malaysia (2005)

Prof. Anwar Fazal, Malaysia (1982), Director of the RLC

Raji Sourani, Gaza, Palestine (2013).

  1. Update: Due to dangerous circumstances, the human rights lawyer Raji Sourani is working under in Gaza Strip, he was not able to attend the Workshop, unfortunately.

2. Update: A report on the workshop can be found in our NEWS-section here.

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Laureate Kasha Nabagesera spoke at the Global Media Forum in Bonn

On June 14, 2016, RLA Laureate Kasha Nabagesera spoke in a panel session entitled “Born free and equal? Reporting on the global struggle for LGBT rights” which was hosted by the Right Livelihood Award Foundation at the Global Media Forum (GMF). The GMF is an international conference annually organized by the Deutsche Welle in the Old German Parliament in Bonn. Together with Claudia Roth, Vice President of the German Bundestag, Mahmoud Haseeno, Syrian journalist, and Kriss Rudolph, Editor-in-Chief of MÄNNER Magazine, she spoke on hate crimes, anti-gay laws, homophobia and the media as a catalyzer of polarization, radicalization, and threat to the very foundation of freedom.

“We need freedom of speech. But racism and homophobia is no opinion. It’s hate.” (Kasha)

The full panel session is available as a video podcast here:

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“Alternative Nobel Prize” Laureate Kasha Nabagesera at the RLC Campus Bonn

One of the most courageously outspoken human rights activists in Africa and “Alternative Nobel Prize”-Laureate Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera from Uganda joint a panel discussion organized by the RLC Campus in Bonn on June 13, 2016 . Under the title “LGBTI rights and the development discourse in Africa”, and joined by Dr. Christine Klapeer, senior political scientist from the University of Vienna, working on gender, queer, postcolonial and decolonial studies, Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera discussed perspectives on LGBTI rights and development and the subsequent normative economic authority over aid conditionalities. The event was facilitated by Dr. Epifania Amoo-Adare, Senior Researcher of Gender and International Development at the Center for Development Research of the University of Bonn (ZEF).

The full panel discussion is available as a video podcast here:

International Workshop on Sustainable Agriculture at the RLC Campus in Bonn

On June 4-9, 2016, 25 young researchers from nine countries worked together with distinguished scientists, practitioners and a RLA Laureate representative on sustainable agricultural with a focus on smallholders in rural areas in Africa, Southern Asia and Latin America..

Key notes were given by Dr. David Amudavi, Director of Biovision Africa Trust in Nairobi, Kenya (RLA awarded organisation), Mr. Thomas Cierpka (Deputy Director of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, IFOAM), Dr. Wolfram Laube (Senior Researcher at ZEF), and Dr. Irene Kadzere ( Senior Researcher at the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Fibl, in Switzerland). During the intense workshop sessions, the workshop participants presented and discussed their research in a cohesive transdisciplinary way by building on each participants’ expertise and experience. The workshop sessions were facilitated by Mr. Laurens van Feldhuizen, Royal Tropical Institute , KIT, in The Netherlands).

The workshop sessions and key notes were imbedded in a series of scientific and cultural outbreak events, such as an excursions to an organic farm, to the German Historic Museum and Botanic Gardens of the University of Bonn.


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