Workshop about the fundamental human needs!

What are your fundamental human needs?
How does your comunity help to satisfy this special fundamental human needs?
And how are the ways to satisfy the needs of the people diffenrent in other communities?

Questions like this and many more we asked ourself and a group of 35 persons from different communities in the region of los Rios, Chile, using the matrix of developed by Manfred Max-Neef about the 9 fundamental human needs.
The result of this workshop you can see in this short video!

Valdivia starts blogging

Hello everybody,

with a warm greeting to everybody, now, the Right Livelihood-Campus in Valdivia, Chile, will start to blog for the first time!

Here, on the other end of the world, very down south, we work closely together with Manfred Max-Neef. We now are the third generation of the Masters´s Program “Development on a human scale and environmental economics”, and the first generation of RLC-scolar students. Me, Victor and Viola, are very happy about the opportunity!
Our first semester was a wild rolercoaster ride, and now our second semester has started. So far it´s great.
Next to our clases in “Development on a human scale” and “environmental economics” we chose different clases like “the economical valoration of ecosystems”, “public policies for a sustainable development” or “the sociology of climate change”.
We are looking forward to keep the rest of the RLC comunity updated about our workshops and activities, hoping to build a strong RLC-comunity.

Lots of Regards, Viola and Victor, from Valdivia!