Empowering Research Methodologies Training Workshop

yfp28. – 31. August 2014 in Bonn, Germany

What is my role as a researcher? What is the role of science in society? And is empowerment relevant for science?

We are pleased to announce a training workshop in Empowering Research Methodologies, organised by the Youth Future Project e.V. (YFP) and the Right Livelihood College (RLC) Bonn. Continue reading

RLC Campus Valdivia hosting Juan Pablo Orrego

846216ddc6The RLC Campus Valdivia hosted a presentation by RLA Laureate Juan Pablo Orrego on his new book “The Entropy of Capitalism”, in cooperation with Sur Mujer, an annual meeting organised by Chilean civil society. Orrego describes his book as a reflection on the social, environmental and economic impacts of capitalism in Chile. Orrego has made the defence Chile’s ecosystems and the search for alternative, sustainable models of consumption and production his tasks. His presentation was the first event to be organised by the new Continue reading